Warmly welcome American customer visit JOYALL Tire factory

January 19,2018

On January 18th, American customers is invited to visit our factory. Both parties had a friendly exchange in our meeting room.

In the meeting, both parties introduced their companies and analyzed the US market situation. After a preliminary understanding, the clients demonstrated to our company the overall strength of the affirmed.

After the conference, under our boss Mr. Li and accompanying staffs, the customer took close look of our plant, the production workshop, laboratory and our warehouse, etc. And Mr. Li explained in detail the quality inspection links that customers are interested in. The customer is satisfied with the high-precision, high-demanding and high-quality of JOYALL tire production procedure.

After the factory tour, the customer had a more in-depth understanding of JOYALL tire. At the subsequent exchange meeting, after friendly negotiations, the two sides reached further consensus on certain cooperation intentions.